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Install Cable Type Float Switches

Water level float switches can be mounted in one of two ways below.

Pole mounted

If a cable type floats switch is mounted by this way, generally the cable is attached to an inlet/outlet pipe located inside the tank. The cable is usually attached to the pipe by using a specially designed stainless steel clamp.


When the water level float switch can be suspended from the top of the tank, then you can use a cable weight to hold the float switch at the correct level. Cable weight is usually available as an optional extra when ordering float switches. These weights are clipped onto the cable and are easy to adjust. You need to apply some caution in using suspended floats switches in tanks where there is a strong swirling action.

It must be very careful in the process of installing float switches near submerged object such as pumps and pipes. Make sure that the float cannot wedge itself under, on-top or against any object.

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