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NK-03 Inverter


1.Saving energy: saving the electric energy 20%-50%

2. Water pressure constant: outputting water pressure constant, prolonging the service life of the pipe network and using water comfortably.

3. Green environmental protection: using water directly, and reduce the second pollution of water supply

4.Easy installation: with almighty mounting, it can be accustomed to various environments and pump installation

5.Simple operation: Fool-style operation, all functions can be finished by a button, no need any professional staffs to debug.

6.Motor soft start: improving power factor and prolonging the service life of the water pump.

7.Wide voltage range: the pump can work stably when the voltage range is 160V-250V

8.Highly integrated design: combining the inverter system, control system, protection system, cooling system and sensor system


1.Housing and villa water supply system

2.Residents center water supply system

3.Cold or hot water circulation system

4.Industrial water circulation system

5.Cooling water system